How It Works


Project Inquiry

To kick off your project (and determine if we are a good fit), we will need to chat (by phone, email, or over a cup of coffee) and review the goals for your application, web site, or design project. This includes gaining an understanding of what the project should achieve, the audience, budget, timeline, brand standards, and anything else that will help me better understand your needs and how I can set you up for success. All projects are priced based on the scope and complexity of the work, including the time frame and resources needed to deliver it. If you have a fixed budget or timeline, I am often able to discuss what I can deliver within those constraints, or refer you to someone who may be better suited for the work.


Diving In

Once we have agreed to the terms for the project, we’ll jump into the fun stuff! I tailor my processes specifically for each project, but we will generally complete a formal discovery process, design concepts, review sessions, and multiple iterations of mock ups before working on your final product or deliverables. I want to collaborate with you throughout the process to get the best results possible!



Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to have ready in order to start my new project?

All new projects require a signed contract and deposit in order to get going. Additionally, all final approved content and assets (photography, existing branding elements, etc.) should be organized and submitted so that I have everything in place prior to creating your web site or print piece.

What web site platforms do you work with?

I specialize in Squarespace web sites and am experienced with WordPress web site design as well. After reviewing your business needs I will recommend the platform that I think will suit you best and allow your site room to grow.

I also frequently partner with a developer or agency to deliver UI/UX design services for more complex web and mobile applications, which can be created using a number of technologies.

How is my web site managed after it's launched?

When I am hired as a user interface designer, I partner with a developer or agency who will host and manage the web site or application for you. If I create a web site myself it is through WordPress or Squarespace, which both offer a content management system that you can use to update text, photos, and other parts of your site once it is live. I include a training tutorial video specifically for managing your web site once it is launched, and am also available on an hourly basis in to perform maintenance, add features, or make updates to your site in the future.

Who owns the rights to the design work?

Your project contract will specify your ownership rights, but generally with branding and design projects my fees include the delivery of source materials and ownership of the final work that I have created for you.


What do you charge for your services?

Each project is a little different depending on the complexity, features, number of revisions, and estimated time needed to complete the work. After we have a brief discussion of your needs, deadlines, and budget I will prepare a custom project quote to ensure we have a solid project plan, clear scope and pricing in place to complete the work. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Depending on your project's budget, I do offer the option for a 20% deposit up front, a 40% payment at the half way point, and the 40% balance upon project completion. Invoices are sent electronically and can be paid online using debit/credit cards or electronic bank draft, or by check prior to the invoice due date.

What if I have to cancel my project?

Sometimes plans change, and that's okay! Your project contract will stipulate the exact details for your situation, but generally I will invoice you hourly for any work that has been delivered up until the point of cancellation and hand off any project deliverables that have been created at that point in the process. 

I have a custom project that's not mentioned on your web site, are you able to help me?

Maybe! Graphic design covers quite a few bases, including promotional materials, t-shirt designs, signage, and many other things. Chances are I can help you implement your design idea or find a resource who specializes in the area you are looking for. Drop me a line with your inquiry and we can go from there!